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So january has been re-named as Veganuary…. The incentive I guess is that vegan food comes clean and after the christmas over load combined with the new year – bye bye bad habits and hello good habits, it is a great way to give your mind and body an energy kick start as well as being given the opportunity to make a change. Although I can find change a bit uncomfortable in the middle of it all, the end result often leaves me feeling a stronger sense of self, with increased awareness and opens up the door for more conscious choice making.

I just want to add, that vegan food is not necessarily healthy – but lets work from the assumption that organic, plant based foods are being cooked with love and care and used in the right quantities to meet all your individual nutritional needs. 

I have been vegetarian for most of my life with periods of meat eating to ”see how I feel”… as well as to ”fit in” with certain situations. But I have always returned to my veggie diet with the last few years enjoying more and more time only eating vegan combined with raw days. I do it because this is when my mind and body feel best and when I feel most alive! 

However, we are all different…. my husband is a meat eater – and I often get asked how do you cope at meal times? Isn´t it boring not eating the same foods? Can you cook meat & fish even if you do not eat it?  

How do we make it work? 

Firstly we respect our differences then we get inventive. All my veggie recipes work great combined with meat, fish or eggs…. My health feels stronger with the majority of my diet based in grains and pulses, where as my husband health feels stronger with the majority of his diet based in protein.  So when I tuck in to a hearty bowl of Creamy almond quinoa with roasted chickpeas, mixed root vegetables, spinach and mashed avocado, my husband enjoys oven-baked fish with a side order of creamy almond quinoa, mixed veggies, spinach and mashed avocado. 

Or if I whip up a tofu omelette with spinach, mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes, I have 2 frying pans going at the same time with a spinach, mushroom and ham omelette for my husband.

Anything works if you want it too…. and if it supports your own health and the health of the people you love you make your differences work out so it does not actually feel like there is a difference there at all!

Check out this supadupa veggie recipes and their appropriate meat/fish company. 

Homemade Pizza – Cauliflower base – Top with just about anything… to make it vegetarian meat friendly add, italian salami or prosciutto 

Pesto Pasta – Mix in some shrimps to add a touch of the meditaranean.

Parsnip Mash is a delicious alternative topping to a traditional Shepherds Pie or together with a lamb chop

Creamy Kale and Pea Risotto is a beautiful side order to some grilled salmon or a breast of chicken

Sweet Potatoe Fries are an original extra to your homemade beef burger or turkey burger.

If you want to know which food groups work best for you, why not try a Standard Food Test for your personal well being plan – now and for always!

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