Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Christmas

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Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Christmas

with or without a Food Intolerance.

So many Christmas treats to choose from….. The fact that it is a holiday time and with every social occasion comes a slice of Christmas cake or a glass of wine, maybe an extra portion of turkey or just a little more brandy butter please….. It makes healthy celebrating quite a challenge. With or without a food intolerance. 

The point is, how you celebrate Christmas has a way of defining how you start your New Year.

So I have started to plan ahead a bit more and basically put my gut health first. When my stomach is happy, so is my head and my heart, making me a much nicer person to be with and open to the ebb and flow of the holiday season!


Here are my 10 top tips to healthy celebrating:

  1. Drink a green juice 3 times a week for breakfast during the whole month of december.
  2. Take 3 full breathes before taking second helpings to Christmas desserts
  3. Take a 30 minute walk in the fresh air every day 
  4. Make a list before going to the supermarket
  5. Stick to your  list when you are at the supermarket 
  6. Take a healthy alternative to share with your friends/family when invited out 
  7. Drink a glass of filtered water with a squeeze of lemon before each meal
  8. If there are left overs…. put in the fridge and re-use the next day. (Instead of licking the dish clean)
  9. Leave 4 hours between each meal
  10. Chew each and every delicious mouthful of what you choose to eat in celebration of life.

Merry Mince Pie Christmas!

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