Reflection and Intention – What is Healthy Living?

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That is the question that came to me during my Cooking Meditation Moment today!

I guess it depends who you ask… What works for one person doesn´t necessarily work for another. Shall I stick to a routine? Be spontaneous? Wake up an hour earlier? Mediate more often? Eat more greens? Love my mistakes? Accept the weather?

Personally, I love structure… so that I can be spontaneous! I love to get up early in the week so that I can sleep a bit later at the weekend. Meditate…. Oh yes!! Sometimes sitting on my yoga mat, sometimes standing in the queue at the grocery store, sometimes when I walking the woods, sometimes I forget! Greens find their way onto my plate/glass at more or less every meal time (a parsley garnish is still green) It has been a habit now for the past 3-5 years and my stomach has truly never been better.

Am in a reflective mood right now – Christmas has that effect over me. A time for reflection and intention… so how do I enjoy the moment? Be in the NOW?

Well, for me… it is a mixure of maybe walking my dog in the woods, sharing a glass of wine with me friends, playing on my yoga mat, syncing my coffee drinking with my family that live in another country, enjoying my work, experimenting in the kitchen and quite often…. just breathing In & Out!

So what I really want to share with you today is my Cooking Meditation Moment…. todays mixing, testing, tasting, sharing led to  my latest experiment, just to get into the Christmas mood….

Egg free & Dairy free Vegan Nog Smoothie. Extremely versatile. A great start to the day or after training re-boot; a 3pm pick me up or, if you add a touch of baileys, a festive cheer to share with your friends.

What do you have for reflections this Christmas? What are your New Year Intentions? What is healthy living to you? What is your favorite Christmas Smoothie?  Follow; Share and Comment….. Can’t wait to from you!

Merry Christmas Nog Smoothie and Happy Healthy New Year You!

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