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Gluten? What foods is it in???
Basically Gluten is in all grains excluding rice. This means Wheat, Rye, Barley, Malt, Brewer’s yeast, Spelt, Semolina and Durum. Gluten therefore is in many everyday foods such as:
Pastas, Noodles, Breads, biscuits, cakes, pizzas, pancakes, waffles, cereals, muesli, stuffing, sauces, beer, breadcrumbs, croissants, flatbreads, crackers and soups. Check the labels as many other foods such as chips, sweets and meat substitutes may contain Gluten.
Gluten Intolerance? Symptoms??
Gluten can be an issue for so many people, symptoms from being Gluten intolerant include:
Indigestion – Acid reflux – Bloating – Diarrhoea – Flatulence – Constipation – Pain – Abdominal Cramps – Nausea – Skin Irritations – weight fluctuations and sometimes painful cramping
Our Gluten Testing Explained
Our Gluten test is a simple test, displaying a yes, no or borderline. This means that if a ‘Yes’ is indicated it will mean positive to Gluten sensitivity and there will be a recommendation to eliminate all Gluten foods for a 3 month period of time. This gives the body time to desensitise or re-calibrate and then these foods can be brought back into the diet slowly to see if tolerance levels have improved.
If a ‘No’ result is indicated then it would appear that Gluten is not the issue and a choice of other tests is offered.
If a ‘Borderline’ figure is indicated then it would be advisable to cut back on Gluten foods for a while and see if this helps the symptoms.

Who Can have the Test??
This test is suitable for any age, babies, children, young people, adults and the elderly
How Do I purchase?
Click HERE to go to our OFFER page and then click the paypal button which will activate an email to us. We will then send you instructions on how to proceed.
Please Note
You may be having a ‘Gluten’ Test just to see if you are sensitive or intolerant to this food group but please do not have expectations of actually being Gluten intolerant. If there is a negative result this only means that Gluten is not your issue which is a good result. The thing to do then is to consider a wider range of foods for testing which we can offer you. (link here to food test menu bar)

About Us
All our Food testing is carried out by experienced and fully trained Bioresonance Nutritional consultants using the latest in medical health scanning technology. This is not conventional medical testing using Bioresonance/Biofeedback devices. It is non-invasive hair sample assessment and no clinic visits necessary. Julie Langton Smith MSc heads up the team and says, “We take great pride in the work we have done over the years as we offer a personal service to our patients/clients who have become regular subscribers and have benefitted from the results and ongoing recommendations”. (link to testimonials)
Terms and Conditions
Offer only available until 2nd May 2018. Once purchased you have until 31st May 2018 to send in hair samples and health forms.
(This offer is not available on our website, our own subscribers only plus members of their family will be included in this offer)
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