Nut Allergy or Nut Intolerance?

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What is the difference between nut intolerance and nut allergy?

A nut allergy is often very severe, occurring straight after consuming even the smallest speck of a nut and requires immediate medical treatment. A tree nut allergy usually lasts a lifetime and fewer than 10 percent of people with this allergy outgrow it.

A nut intolerance however, is when your body shows an inflammatory reaction, such as abdominal pain, diarrehea, runny nose… one or more of the proteins in nuts. This often occurs a few hours after the nuts have been eaten.
Treatment for a nut intolerance usually requires a 3 month nut-free desensitisation period. Giving time for the inflammation to heal and the possibility to thereafter re-introduce the nuts of your choice again.

If you need to remove specific nuts or foods that can trigger* a nut intolerance reaction, you will need to replace the nutrition. Nuts are full of healthy fats and are a great source of Zinc, Calcium and Protein. If you have a nut intolerance you can replace this nut form of nutrition by using the following alternatives in your cooking and snacking: Olives, Avocado, Sunflower seeds & Pumpkin seeds.

A lot of healthy eating recipes now involve nuts, especial the raw food bars, muesli, desserts, dips, plant based cheeses and smoothies… so we have come up with a really yummy
Nut-Free Energy Bite snack which not only tastes supadupa using a combination of vanilla powder and tahini to create a fudgey caramel experience, it is easy to make (takes about 10 minutes) and is packed with the nutrition you will be missing.

*Foods that can trigger a nut intolerance reaction: Peanuts; Coconut; Nut oils; Tree nuts (pistachios, pecans, pinenuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, macadamia, hazelnuts); Drupes (almonds, walnuts); Beans; Alfalfa; Lentils; Soya Beans

If you suspect a nut intolerance you may like to try our Standard Food Intolerance Test which can identify which nuts you may be sensitive to at this time, together with the other trigger foods that could be limiting you from optimising your diet.

To enjoy your Nut-Free Energy Bite Click on the photo above.

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