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Having a New Year Moment 

2019 has arrived and although I can feel my New Year energy starting to bubble up, the last week or so has been filled with a great deal of reflection and only moments of clarity and vitality.

I have some deep rooted belief that I am supposed to have the life thing all worked out by January 1st to secure a ”successful` year…..

The truth is, my `energy` is not quit there yet. My basics are in place…. that is nutrition in all forms:

  • Balanced eating, cooking with foods that my body appreciates & agrees with
  • Going to bed early and getting up early to get my 8 hours beauty sleep
  • Practicing mindfulness in different forms – as I chew my food, as I brush my teeth, as I hug my doggies, walking in nature, breathing in & out…..
  • Feeling a sense of gratitude every time I open my office door, thankful that I do a job I love
  • Acknowleging my health every time I step onto my yoga mat
  • Daily contact with friends and family

I can get a bit distracted sometimes with my need to have everything all worked out and under control…. so when I feel this anxiety creeping in I  check in with Mother Nature, and today I experience a different kind of energy – a sense of  stillness and rest  in practice. And I remember that although it is the start of a brand New Year,  it is  still Winter with long nights and short days, a time of re-cooperation, reflection and storage in preparation for the coming Spring.

This insight kind of gives me permission to take the pressure off myself. So, before the worry or panic takes hold,  I thank the year that has passed and then I ask nature what my very next step is, today, in this moment,  for health and happiness….

Then the rest of the day seems to fall in to place, my dreams show up in small moments of subtle clarity and I notice I have the energy and vitality I need to fulfill my dreams, one moment  at a time…. 

Work with Nature – Be kind to your body

Squeeze! Drink! Wish!

Enjoy one of these Vitality shots pre breakfast

 Squeeze the juice

 Drink the shot

Make a wish for the day

Happy Healthy 2019 from Langton Smith Health

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