How to enjoy Christmas Indulgence without Christmas Indigestion?

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Is a Plant Based Christmas a tempting alternative?

What is my body telling me?

The foods at Christmas are so delicious but often quite rich. So I am wondering if the answer to less indigestion (and less New Year weight gain) or the easy way to avoid an upset tummy is to go Plant Based Christmas? I mean, why not just try it out?Replacing the animal based foods would automatically mean taking away cream, butter, cheeses, meats and eggs – all foods that are high in cholesterol and can be hard to digest. Not too mention the removal of foods that can often trigger food intolerances that cause bloating, headaches, diarréa and can really slow down the digestion process resulting in those extra kilos appearing at the New Year! You may even feel like a walk after Christmas lunch as oppose to having to bribe yourself with a Quality Street.

I know my heart sinks as soon as I think I must take away something… so I am better at taking on a challenge if I know what to do with the empty space. What to use instead?  All the dairy products can take on a new image by using nut/seed milks, sauces and spreads and there are plenty of tofu or tempeh alternatives for the traditional roast.

By going veggie this Christmas it could be possible to enjoy the New Year without gluten, lactose or the extra kilos. Giving you a head start on your New Year resolutions – what ever they are – simply because you feel lighter, more energized, more glow, more positivity about life.  There is no better feeling than when you take charge over your health…. 

Take care of your body – it is the tool you use to live the life you are dreaming of

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