How do you Warm up your Winter?

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Winter Warming Wonderland

Positive thinking! Boosting your immune system! Embracing the seasons!

So it is -7 degrees here today and I am really doing my best to ”embrace” the cold. I am absolutely grateful to live in a country with 5 distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter…. but the most challenging for me is WINTER. It always has been…. I was the student who always sat by a heater at school and tried to write my essays with my gloves on.

 I can feel the cold right to the bone and it tends to have an immediate effect on my humour, my mood, my patience and  my basic ability to follow the flow of the day. 

I know! I know! There is no bad weather only bad clothes…. But I promise, I have the clothes and the central heating and the open fire and, living in Sweden, a sauna available to me every day! 

The crazy contradiction is, that I am not satisfied with just staying indoors and pampering to my freezing skeleton… I still have a very strong ”need” to be outside, breath the fresh air and feel the wind biting at my cheeks. This is proof that you can like and dislike something at the same time. Be happy and sad at the same time. Be loving and cautious at the same time. Feel pain and pleasure simultaneously and still be genuine. May be this is actually what being in the moment is all about. 

Being a planning type of person who loves to make lists and then to tick off the list as I go through the day, I do have a strategy for embracing this ”beautiful” time of year…. 

Here is my quick Winter check list for health and happiness:

  1. Double dose Vitamin D & a Vitamin B-Complex boost
  2. Extra pair of thermals
  3. Extra green juice for my liver
  4. Evening gratitude check with the Moon 
  5. Regular Hot Yoga
  6. Extra Fan heater in my office
  7. Testing out new Soup recipes for cooking meditation and to warm the heart
  8. Deep breathing when I feel my mood freezing over  
  9. 2 minute dance around the room moment to Scissor Sisters!
  10. Post it on my computer: ”Let Go…It will pass…. nothing ever stays the same” 

What is your strategy for a happy healthy Winter? 

Do you know which Vitamins and Minerals your body needs just now to boost your immune system and keep the colds and flu at bay? Or are you interested in some Cooking Meditation to warm the heart? 

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