How do you enjoy a Healthy Christmas?

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Staying ”healthy” at Christmas time!

I guess that all depends what you mean by ”healthy”…. To socialise, enjoy good food and drink, to come together with family & friends, the giving and receiving of presents, is all a part of healthy living. 

However, it can be quite challenging to keep the gut healthy during the Christmas period, the time to enjoy all the treats and goodies of the winters festivities. 

Temptation is everywhere and it is so easy to over do it sometimes…. And that is fine!!! 

As long as you have the key to come back in balance again. So how do you cope with the morning after the Christmas office party or the double dinner day when you have lunch with your own family and then dinner with your partners family? Or simply the Christmas Cake baking day when it is a must to sample each stage?

Juicing is an easy way to keep the stomach and the mind at peace, together with a few deep breaths and awareness of which foods work for you and which foods simply do not.

Fresh juices means the fibre is taken out and so the body does not have the burden of ”digestion” and simply gives the body time to eliminate toxins and cleanse or detox itself. 

It can be  a good idea to get in to the habit at the beginning of december of having a juice once or twice a week, so the body has a chance to practice cleansing and the mind has a chance to go through any resistance that often comes up when we try something different from the norm before it actually just becomes a habit. 

I enjoy my juice in the morning, to really give the gut a kick start… but you can drink it any time of the day and enjoy the benefits of a nutritious cleanse.

There is  a week to go before December starts officially, so plenty of time to buy the ingredients and get started with this delicious Go Green Detox Juice. There are 2 alternatives: Max Detox format or Medium Detox format… So choose the one that most supports your Christmas Health Wish and give your body a Christmas green treat!

If you think you are suffering from digestion discomfort, try out one of our Food Intolerance Tests so the choices of what to eat and what not to eat become easier to take and stick too.

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