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Testing for sensitivities or intolerance’s to gluten and wheat, as well as specific grains including oats, rye and barley that also contain gluten. Gluten is the protein substance in the grain that some people find difficult to digest. In extreme cases this can cause celiac disease and your GP can do further testing to confirm this. However, many people appear just not to digest foods that contain wheat and some other grains which can lead to symptoms such as bloating and IBS, eczema, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and weight fluctuations. We test for all these so that you can see whether this food group needs to be avoided.

Gluten and GMO

Gluten is a natural substance found in most grains but Gluten Free foods are genetically modified. This can mean that a sensitivity to GM foods may also present an issue and it is therefore probably best to avoid all grains if a sensitivity to Gluten has been identified.

Sometimes bread can be difficult to digest and may well not be due to any wheat/gluten problem, it is just the consistency of the bread that can cause bloating and discomfort.


Where yeast is indicated on a Wheat/Gluten Test, this normally means to avoid bread and any food that contains yeast, including foods such as fruit/juices, alcohol (beers, lagers), sweets and refined sugars because these foods act as triggers for yeast activities. It may be helpful to take a good probiotic capsule for 3 months to help stabilise the gut flora and support the immune system.

The medical scnner device is a MARS III, this device is at the heart of the computer-aided Bioresonance system. The results are based on a Bioresonance scanning device manufactured as a medical device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485, annex V. The tests are managed by an experienced and qualified Bioresonance practitioner.

Bioresonance is a method which measures or assesses the balance or imbalance of subtle energy fields (electrical), the MARS III has a database of over 30,,000 different rates.

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All results are sent by email so are quick to receive, normally returned with 21 working days.

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