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Our latest test has been created by naturopathic doctor Julie Langton Smith MSc who has been working in health and nutrition since the early 80’s. The test comprises of both our Standard Food Test and our Vitamin Test. This is an overall wellness test that is designed to help provide a higher energy and top feeling of fitness.

The first part is our popular Food Test which scans and matches approximately 200 of the main foods including wheat and dairy and picks the top 10 priority foods to avoid at the moment. So you only need to avoid the priority foods listed on your personal test.

The second part is our Vitamin Test which includes all the top vitamins and minerals being scanned and then the top 5 vitamins and minerals are listed in order of priority and represent your personal needs at the moment for better wellness and fitness.

Why have a Food Test?
Food provides us with energy and is made up of a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The body absorbs the nutrients (vitamins & minerals) from food and depending on our diet and overall health provides us with the energy we need to be healthy and fit. However, there are limited amounts of vitamins in foods these days for a number of reasons and it is therefore very important to supplement the food with ‘top up’ vitamins where necessary. Example: we would need to eat 30 oranges to obtain 1000mg (1grm) of Vitamin C, no one would eat 30 oranges in one go as it would cause stomach upsets and therefore it is more sensible to take a Vitamin C supplement.

It is not just about energy, these nutrients also help maintain and renew healthy tissues such as skin but also our muscles, bones/joints, brain and internal organs. Establishing which foods are not producing the best results for us helps to eliminate potential symptoms such as IBS, digestive disorders, lethargy, skin conditions such as eczema, constipation, weight gain, diabetes, liver disease and general malaise.

Why are Vitamins Important?
Vitamins and minerals are contained in all foods but sometimes we need more vitamins/minerals than the food we eat provides. Some doctors believe that you get all the nutrients from the food you eat but this is not the case. Depending on age, illness and disease the body needs super nutrients to be able to survive and thrive. It is not always necessary to take the same vitamins/minerals for long periods as the body repairs and adjusts its constantly changing condition which is dependent on what we put it through. Some people do extreme sports, others have life styles which require long periods of work, nights shifts, poor diet, excesses, inherited diseases, accidents, old age, hormone changes, weakened immune systems and general fatigue.

Taking the correct vitamins and minerals may well help to speed up recovery and in some cases help prevent symptoms from developing.

Test results
All test results are listed in percentage order, the higher the figure the more impact the particular food or vitamin has on the body. In the case of foods this means that the high percentages indicate a need to eliminate that particular food for at least 3 months. In the case of vitamins and minerals it would indicate the need for the particular vitamin/mineral listed to be taken for a minimum of 3 months unless otherwise stated.

About the tests
All our tests are based on a small hair sample and are non invasive, no blood required. They suit all ages from babies to the elderly. No clinic visits are necessary as all hair samples together with health forms are sent to our office/lab where we use classified medical scanning equipment to carry out personal health testing. The results are then sent by PDF attachment to the patient within a maximum of 21 days of receiving the hair sample/health form.

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