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Vitamin Test – Cost £75


Vitamins and minerals perform specific functions in the body. As most of these nutrients derive from foods, it is thought that we obtain enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes through eating a healthy diet. However, we have found that many of our patients over the past 15 years have found great benefits in supplementing their health with specific supplements that have been indicated by the results of their test.

After the test, you will be provided with a list of up to 5 top vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes that your results have indicated you, personally, may be deficient in. We recommend that a 6-month minimum time commitment be taken for the vitamins to take effect and that after the 6 months, you re-test to ensure your body is receiving the most up to date vitamins and minerals needed for radiant health. As an existing customer, you will also receive a 20% discount on all future Vitamin and Mineral re-tests.

How does it work?
We require you to send us a small sample of hair no larger than the size of a postage stamp but a minimum of 10 hairs. Hairs can be coloured and are not required to be pulled from the root. Place the hairs in a clean tissue or a clearly labelled envelope. You can read more about the testing process here.

Your hair sample is scanned from our database of the most common vitamins and minerals required for good health. We then use this information to highlight which of these nutrients you may be deficient in.

How to buy

Step 1: Click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the top of the page to purchase your health/wellness/food test.

Step 2: We will then send you an email with instructions how to complete your test or simply click here to see instructions after purchase where you will see the health form and the details regarding hair sample as well as the posting guidelines and address to send your details.

Step 3: We will carry out your chosen health/wellness/food test and return your results to you by email attachment in PDF format within 21 working days.

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