Sugar Intolerance Test

Sugar Intolerance Test – £75


Langton Smith Health are offering a sugar intolerance test based on all the top carbohydrate fast releasing sugars in foods which are eaten and will provide you with a list of these based on your personal hair sample. Foods are tested as raw and cooked and you will have the top 20 foods for you to avoid to monitor your sugar intake. The test will also include a range of alcohols which are high in sugar.

Sugar Cravings are so addictive more so than salt cravings, says Julie Langton Smith, MSc Nutritional consultant who has worked in diet and nutrition for many years and specialises in food intolerances and sensitivities. Sugars are in so many foods that most of us would not even consider. The other issue to consider is the way in which we cook a food and thereby change its sugar content. Some foods may be fine if boiled but not if they are mashed or roasted and fried. For example, white foods such as rice, potatoes, bread, cakes, pasta, and dairy all contain sugars as they are fast releasing carbohydrates and therefore convert into sugars. The other sugars that most of us don’t realise are the sugars in fruit. The top fruit for high sugar content are most melons, grapes, bananas and pineapple. The lower sugars are in apples, pears and berries such as raspberries and strawberries. Please see the glycaemic index which informs you of the levels of sugars in all foods researched and provided by The University of Sydney.

This test is aimed at helping to educate and reduce sugar from the diet in a safe and healthy way. It may well improve your energy levels reducing feelings of fatigue as well as increasing your fitness levels and may also help to reduce the amount of fat carried in the body assisting in long term weight management and a healthy weight level.

How does it work?
We require you to send us a small sample of hair no larger than the size of a postage stamp but a minimum of 10 hairs. Hairs can be coloured and are not required to be pulled from the root. Place the hairs in a clean tissue or a clearly labelled envelope. You can read more about the testing process here.
Your hair sample is scanned from our database of the most common sugars. We then use this information to highlight which of these sugars you are intolerant to.

How to buy
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Step 3: We will carry out your chosen health/wellness/food test and return your results to you by email attachment in PDF format within 21 working days.

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