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Physical reactions to some foods are common, but most are caused by food intolerance rather than food allergy. A food intolerance can cause some of the same signs and symptoms as a food allergy, so people often confuse the two.
A true food allergy causes an immune response that affects many organs in the body. It can cause a variety of symptoms. In some cases, an allergic food reaction may be difficult or life threatening. However, food intolerance symptoms are generally less severe and are often limited to indigestion.

Sugar cravings can be extremely addictive and an excess in the wrong types of sugar can be detrimental to the physical and mental wellbeing. Causing, weight gain, tooth decay, damage to the immune system, anxiety and sleeping problems.
Sugars are in so many foods that most of us would not even consider. The other issue to consider is the way in which we cook a food and thereby change its sugar content. Some foods may be fine if boiled but not if they are mashed or roasted and fried. For example, white foods such as rice, potatoes, bread, cakes, pasta, and dairy all contain sugars as they are fast releasing carbohydrates and therefore convert into sugars. The other sugars that most of us don’t realise are the sugars in fruit. The top fruit for high sugar content are most melons, grapes, bananas and pineapple. The lower sugars are in apples, pears and berries such as raspberries and strawberries. Please see the glycaemic index which informs you of the levels of sugars in all foods researched and provided by The University of Sydney.
This test is aimed at helping to educate and reduce sugar from the diet in a safe and healthy way. It may well improve your energy levels reducing feelings of fatigue as well as increasing your fitness levels and may also help to reduce the amount of fat carried in the body assisting in long term weight management and a healthy weight level.

Sugar Intolerance Test:You will receive a report with the top 20 foods for you to avoid to monitor your sugar intake. £75.00

Sugar Test and Detox Plan:You will receive a report with the top 20 foods for you to avoid to monitor your sugar intake.
Sugar detox plan includes:
3 breakfast recipes / month
5 lunch/dinner recipes / month
3 snack recipes / month
Personally designed according to your Sugar Intolerance Report.
Your will receive your recipes within 10 working days from completion & deliverance of the Food Test.



Sugar Test and
Detox Plan

All that is needed to perform the test is a few hairs, 1-3 cm long. If hairstrings are not available, it’s a good idea to use a piece of a fingernail. Hair may also be colored since the color does not affect the test result.


How does it work

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Step 1


Choose from our range of tests to suit your needs and order it online.

Step 2


We will send you a test form to complete and send back.

Step 3


Take a hair sample and post it back to us, according to the instructions on the test form.

Step 4


Get your extensive test report by email within 10 business days.

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