Standard Food Test

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The Standard Food Test is one of the most popular of our tests due to the increase in awareness to reactions to certain foods. Foods can affect the health of any individual at any time of their lives. An intolerance is when the body reacts in a negative way when exposed to certain items. Symptoms include bloating, diarré, headaches, skin conditions, IBS, weight fluctuations, fatigue…
The Standard Food Test offers 300 food listings in its database and includes many foods and drinks. You will receive the top 30 foods listed from the 300 scanned in the database.

Listed below are the Food Groups tested but within each group there are many single foods included:
Grains and Cereals; Dairy Products; Fats and Oils; Non Alcoholic Drinks; Alcohol; Herb Teas; Meat; Fish and Shellfish; Raw Fruit; Cooked Fruit; Raw Vegetables; Cooked Vegetables; Nuts and Seeds; Spices; Herbs; Sweeteners; Sugars; Metabolism of Certain Food groups and Requested Speciality Foods.

Personal dietary plan and phone consultations are also available.
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