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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is becoming more common for people of any age and living anywhere in the world and symptoms can vary from one person to the next.
What Triggers IBS
Stress on the body of some sort ranging from specific reactions to certain foods, holiday stomach upsets, virus triggers,emotional and mental pressures that interfere with the natural working of the digestive system, fatigue, anxiety/worry, spicy foods, change of diet, eating too much of the same foods and so on…….

Symptoms can be unpleasant and can include:
Abdominal cramps
Skin irritations

How Can Food Testing Help IBS?
Food involvement appears to be a trigger for some of these symptoms and we have had very positive feedback from people who have eliminated certain foods from their diet, even for a short period of time. There may be other causes but eliminating specific, sometimes innocuous, foods may well help.

Understanding you Food sensitivity results – Remember these are your sensitivity scores at the moment, these may and normally do change within 3 months:

70-100 = High Priority sensitivity to eliminate or reduce as much as possible
40-70 = Medium sensitivity, reduce or limit from diet
1-40 = Low Sensitivity, eat sensibly

Our IBS test is based on 50 of the main foods known to be likely culprits and indicates he top foods for you to avoid at the moment. The table is shown in percentage terms and below is a typical example on the IBS table results.

How to buy:
Step 1: Click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the top of the page to purchase your health/wellness/food test.

Step 2: We will then send you an email with instructions how to complete your test or simply click here to see instructions after purchase where you will see the health form and the details regarding hair sample as well as the posting guidelines and address to send your details.

Step 3: We will carry out your chosen health/wellness/food test and return your results to you by email attachment in PDF format within 21 working days.

Hair Sample
A small sample of hair is required, no larger than the size of a postage stamp, but a minimum of 10 hairs, which can be coloured and it is not required to be pulled from the root. Alternatively we can use fingernail clippings. Place in a clean tissue or envelope clearly labelled with your name.

What to expect
A list of your most sensitive foods will be indicated from a selection of 50 of the most known foods involved in IBS symptoms and presented in percentage terms as shown in the table; these results are automatically collected and we cannot affect their outcome. The scanning device is listed as a medical device and gives the results in the format shown above.

Food Test Results
The results are based on a medical scanning device with CE classification 11a according to ISO EN 13485, annex V and is managed by a fully experienced and qualified nutritional practitioner. The test uses the most up to date technology available and is fully automatic, we cannot alter or affect the outcome of your results. It is important to remember that NOT everyone has food sensitivities but these scans will show the foods to which you are most sensitive or a trend indicating you should avoid certain types of foods.

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