Fruit or Alcohol Food Intolerance Test

Buy Fruit Intolerance Test – £45

Buy Alcohol Intolerance Test – £45


What is a fruit intolerance test?

This is a food test that includes both cooked and raw fruit, approximately 30 assorted types of fruit in these categories are scanned using a small hair sample, the top 5 of each category will be listed and sent to you by email attachment. Fruit can affect us in different ways, raw and cooked fruit change in enzymic/chemical structure and can cause symptoms such as acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, stomach pains and fatigue.

What is Alcohol Testing?

We test for the top 20 types of alcoholic drinks that are the most toxic for you at the present time. You then receive the list of the top 5 that have shown to be the ones that you need to avoid for the moment. The reasons for intolerances can range from drinking too much of the same alcohol or the type of alcohol does not fit with your health profile causing headaches, nausea and fatigue or perhaps irritable bowel. Some alcohols have been known to cause mood swings on just one sip or glass!

Both of these tests indicate a set of results based on percentage terms of the rate of sensitivity. These can and often do change in time so it may not be a long term issue but desensitising the body to certain types of food and drink can help to improve health symptoms.

No clinic visits necessary as all testing is done remotely using a hair sample, therefore a non invasive approach is our trademark speciality.

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