Do you suffer the Pasta Bloat?

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You know that feeling after you have enjoyed a beautiful bowl of pasta delight… the stomach bloats, the body feels lethargic and the brain goes a bit fuzzy? 

It is very often the gluten in pasta that causes these symptoms. Gluten being the protein in wheat and wheat is what pasta is made out of. Basically, all wheat contains gluten, as well as barley and rye.

I absolutely love pasta and having always enjoyed an active lifestyle, I have used pasta to give me energy and stamina, both physically and mentally. 

Then there is Italy… one of my favorite places to visit, both the city life, the sea life and the vast mountains where you can hike from vineyard to vineyard.  

I guess these are some of the same reasons why so many of us enjoy pasta. Its also quick and easy to put together in the kitchen after a long, middle of the week, kind of day.

I would never begin to compare the pasta in Italy to the pasta we buy in the local supermarket and unfortunately the packet pasta is often full of refined (all the goodness taken out) ingredients along with additives to keep it on the shelf  longer or to give it some kind of “taste”. The wheat, gluten and sometimes GMO used in supermarket pasta can cause very uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, wind, tiredness, pale or itchy skin… not too mention the fact that while the body is dealing with the un-natural ingredients it is wasting time and energy that could be used for socialising, sleeping, exercising, being creative or just feeling good about life.

After a period of feeling a bit run down, I thought I would give my body a 6 week period without gluten which meant researching som pasta alternatives. I became really inventive using courgettes, carrots, brown rice, buckwheat and kelp noodles instead of the usual wheat supermarket past.  Plus I created some plant based “cheesy” pesto alternatives and beautiful whole food tomato sauces.

If you click on the photo you can try out my favorite Pesto Pasta dish….. gluten free and packed with plant based energy. Takes 15 minutes to throw together and leaves me with a  happy stomach, a  satisfied appetite whilst  energised & feeling in harmony with my health again.

So if you suspect you may be sensitive to gluten, why not try a 4 week gluten cleanse. You may be gluten intolerant and need a desensitisation period to get your gut health back on track again.



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