“Penny followed her new diet as to her food sensitivities and found a difference almost immediately, she was able to eat again without having extreme stomach ache.
She has now gained weight and is back to her normal self. She has now reintroduced some of her lesser “reactive” foods and is fine with them. She has by mistake eaten some of her “high” foods and experienced stomach ache almost straight away!!
It is such a relief to now have my daughter eating again.The many tests found nothing abnormal but also gave us no help with her chronic pain after eating and the various tablets? well, as I said before,” the tablets from the doctor haven`t” (helped).
I feel sad when I think of how long my daughter suffered and this simple test could have been done much sooner but I only found it when searching on the web.

My husband had his test results last week . We have known for a while that he had a sensitivity to gluten but didn`t realize that he had many others!!
He has been on his new diet for nearly a week and his skin and general energy levels have improved. When he has been on his new diet for six weeks he will be a new man!!
All I have to say is, “Hurray for Bioresonance Therapy”!!

“I have found the results very interesting and helpful. For example I had suspected an allergy to peppers as my face swells up when eating them. However the traditional blood and prick tests did not pick it up! I have a few questions that you may be able to help with:
Red pepper – it says cooked but would it be ok raw or is it better avoided completely?
Yeast – would sourdough bread be ok?
Eggs – are they better avoided altogether?
Glucose – would fructose be ok?
Thanks again for all your help and I will be recommending your test to friends and family!”

“I would like to say a very big thank you for these results the difference has been unbelievable I had constant swelling of my stomach and pain its gone I stopped eating fish as I ate a lot of this,I have also given up the brazil nuts.
its amazing thank you.” P.M.

“Wow I’m really pleased how fast you got back to me with my results although some things were a bit of a shock………
Thank you so much for your great service, I’ve told some of my friends and sang your praises on facebook and a few people have asked for your website so hopefully I will generate some more business for you. Thank you ever so much for everything and your shock findings with some items. I will do my best to change my diet and I hope I will see an improvement in my health sometime soon.” L.

*Disclaimer: Please note that all testimonials are based on individual experiences. Results depend on individual to individual and we do not guarantee similar results.

Testimonials and Stories


“My daughter in New Zealand recommended you. You do come very highly recommended for your work! Her children were in poor health for such a long time, but since receiving the results of the testing, she changed their diets accordingly. She now has two very healthy, active children. The difference in them within two weeks of their diet being changed was immense, really immense!!

I have recommended you and passed on your website address and details to several friends who have grandchildren with tummy problems and GP’s unable to diagnose, incredible huh!!!!”

“This is fantastic, I am delighted at the results to give me some closure and to some extent, justification in my suspicions/self diagnosis.

The detail is fantastic, thank you so much. I will bear in mind you are available for questions for advice and information also.”


‘Wheat Sensitivity testimonial’

“I took on board from the next day and started walking around the supermarket reading all the labels of the foods I would normally buy. Breaded chicken fillets/breasts are my favourite thing to put in the oven after a day at work – quick, easy. It all became very clear that although I wasn’t eating bread, I was still consuming products with wheat, like my favourite breaded chicken breast, even some sauces and gravies have wheat flour. Crisps and chocolates (with a biscuit centre).

By day 2, I was taking great patience in reading labels at the supermarket, and not eating any products with wheat. I felt like I had a new lease of life, I was energetic and wide awake. I didn’t have my every meal, stomach ache and for the first time in years and years, I was in bed at 10 and slept the entire night and woke up about 15 minutes before the alarm went off. Previously I would be in bed at midnight, unable to sleep until 1, 2, 3 and then wake up every few hours and then fall asleep just a half hour or so before the alarm went off.

On Thursday, I accidentally ate something with ground almonds in, and in half an hour, got a stomach ache and my stomach bloated, just like old times. After an hour and a half it eased…

My family and work colleagues are telling me that I am brighter and more energetic AND I’m hungry all the time now. I now eat sensible meals, without feeling that I am limited to only eating fruit and yoghurt so I don’t get a stomach ache.

I’m now eating 100% no wheat, I’ve cut down on milk products and using soya and rice milk. It had made a tremendous difference to my life and I can’t thank you enough.”


“I would just like to thank you for the support you have given me (and continue to give me), whilst I have been seeing you for my weight loss.
You have managed to keep me focused and positive which has helped me to achieve loosing weight. You are not just my hypnotherapist but also my confidant, (who I would regard as a great friend), who is never too busy to offer me guidance. I admire and respect all that you have offered and continue to offer me. I always look forward to seeing you because I come away refreshed and rejuvenated.

I feel privileged to have met you.“

“Thank you for the test results for Penny. She has taken all this on board and will change her diet accordingly.
It has been a great help to know that food has probably been giving Penny her severe stomach cramps and a lot of these foods are ones that she really craves/likes. Let`s hope that a few weeks of watching her diet will help. The tablets from the doctor haven`t!!

(a few weeks later)

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