Bioresonance and Biofeedback Therapy

In other words the hair sample provides a fingerprint of the individual. This together with personal information provided on the health form (such as, date of birth, place of birth, address, etc), will enable the medical scanning device to deliver a final set of results for the individual.

Bioresonance How It Works

How it works

A small sample of hair, approximately 10 strands and at least 1cm in length and no more than 3 cms (1/2 inch – 1 inch max) is needed to carry out the test. If there is no hair available finger nail clippings are acceptable; also coloured or dyed hair is acceptable as it makes no difference to the testing.

Bio Resonance, is based on receiving the information from a living organism that gives out energy. The term energy is used to describe the various subtle frequencies or vibrations that each one of us emits constantly. It is believed by practitioners who specialise in this area of natural medicine that the body is able to communicate by way of acting like a receiver and transmitter. These subtle vibrations are not seen and act like other forms of energy such as micro waves, radio waves etc. This vibrational energy changes all the time depending on what other forces are around such as bacteria, toxins, fumes, chemicals, magnetic geographic zones or electrical smog. Everything impacts on a living organism, some of it is good depending on what is in the vicinity but some of it has a negative impact and in some cases can cause disease and illness.

It is therefore important to understand that this type of therapy specialises in these vibrational frequencies. It is also important to understand that the hair sample or nail clippings only act to provide the unique identity of the person being tested.

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