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Intolerance Test
Wheat and Gluten

This health test checks the levels of intolerances to gluten and wheat, as well as other grains that also contain gluten such as oats, rye and barley.

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Dairy and Lactose
Intolerance Test

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Intolerance Test.

Dairy & Lactose

This test checks for Intolerance to dairy products and specifically to lactose. We test to see whether this food group needs to be avoided.

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What people say about our TESTS

  • Implementing the changes in my diet suggested by the results of my bio-resonance test had an almost immediate effect. I felt less bloated, had more energy and my guts calmed down and all the pain went. I particularly appreciated the nuances that the test brought up, for instance that the gluten test showed that whilst I shouldn’t eat bread, I could eat wholewheat pasta, so it gave me more dietary options than I as expecting. I also saw that I had been overdoing it on some of my favourite foods (raisins and ginger) but removing them for a few weeks and then re-introducing them in moderation has meant that I don’t suffer ill-effects from them any more.

    Tina Spokes Poet and Author
  • ..... firstly a huge thank you to Annalisa for helping me out in my hour / year of need ! I had been suffering with ongoing stomach issues which no one could put their finger on. After sending my sample away I was quickly sent an extensive list of foods that I was intolerant too and degrees of intolerance. I cut those foods out and followed Annalisa’s advice and I am feeling great and my stomach issues are fully on the mend. Thanks very much.

    David Lucas Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapist
  • took both wheat and gluten and lactose and dairy sensitivity tests. It has been so interesting to discover specific foods that I can avoid to reduce bloating and fatigue. With some careful planning, I can now enjoy meals that give me energy and help me feel revitalized instead of wanting to go for a nap! Annalisa at Langton Smith gave plenty of welcome advice to help me get my eating habits to work for me.

    Annika Sederholm CEO Sederholm Ltd

Anything but Ordinary.

Vitamin Test will provide you with a list of up to 5 top vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes that your results have indicated you, personally, may be deficient in.

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Vitamins & minerals

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Level 3 Diploma in Food Sensitivity Testing

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Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition and Diet – on line course

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