My Favorite Green Smoothie

Spring Time – Cleansing – Green Energy – Delicious


My Favorite Green Smoothie

This is one of my absolute favorite green smoothies. Packed with goodness and the combination of banana and avocado make it really creamy. Its a great way for your stomach to start the day, it will re-vitalize your energy reserves and keep you bright and alert until lunch time!

1/2 Cucumber

3 stalks Celery

3-4cms Ginger

Squeeze of lemon

1 Banana

1/2 Avocado

1 tbls Almond butter

1 tsp Spirulina

Juice your cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon and then blend the juice with the rest of your ingredients. You can always top it with some mixed seeds or buckwheat grouts if you want some extra crunch!

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