Is coffee good for you?

Latte? Cappuccino? Expresso? Americano? Chaga?

I love coffee…. or rather, I love a Latte with oat milk using fresh organic coffee beans, frothed up and in my favorite mug!  Sweden is known for its love of FIKA…. basically a time you can sit down with a friend, whatever the mood and enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee any way you  want it and discuss the meaning of Life! So, for me,  it has a lot of healthy energy around the whole experience!

But I always have this query… Is coffee good for me? So on the days I really want a cup, I look up all the articles that support drinking coffee: Antioxidants, masses of vitamins and minerals, sharpens the mind, possibly reduces heart disease, may be good for the liver… to name but a few!

And on the days I think I need a “cleanse” I look up all the articles that do not support drinking coffee: Caffeine can cause anxiety and reduce the ability to sleep, can be addictive, creates an unbalance in the pH of your digestive system…..

So, I took a Caffeine Food Intolerance Test… and lucky for me… at this time….. I do not have a caffeine intolerance!  My common sense tells me, to drink in a balanced way (for me thats one cup a day) and as long as the energy keeps flowing, my sleep is not disturbed and I can continue to discuss the meaning of Life with my friends…. I am Happy Latte Lover!

How do you enjoy your coffee?



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