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Do you eat a healthy diet but still find you can’t achieve the weight loss you want?
Knowing which foods that you need to avoid on a personal level may help to speed up your weight loss.

This is not a diet, but a Personal Food Plan informing you of which foods you personally need to avoid.
We will test 200 foods that are understood to be the most common culprits for slowing down weight loss. You will receive a list of the top 10 foods for you, personally, to avoid.

Even if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, the following foods have been known to slow down the weight loss process.

Julie Langton Smith MSc who designed this test says “Don’t be surprised if there are foods on your list such as lettuce, fruits, obscure foods such as shell fish or even the mention of the metabolism of enzymes. (i.e. the chemicals involved in the way we break down foods and process them). The depletion of digestive enzymes can be brought on by stress of any sort and affect the slowing down of metabolism.”

All food testing is conducted in Sussex by using a small sample of hair. This type of food testing is totally non invasive and is for anyone of any age. This is a natural therapy and involves a non medical and non clinical approach. Food tests are performed remotely so that there is no need to travel.

All results are sent by email so are quick to receive, normally returned with 21 working days.

The results can also be posted or set in a presentation document if bought as a gift, please enquire regarding costs.

Hair Sample
A small sample of hair is required no larger than the size of a postage stamp but a minimum of 10 hairs, can be coloured and it is not required to be pulled from the root. Place in a clean tissue or envelope clearly labelled.

How to buy
Step 1: Click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the top of the page to purchase your health/wellness/food test.

Step 2: We will then send you an email with instructions how to complete your test or simply click here to see instructions after purchase where you will see the health form and the details regarding hair sample as well as the posting guidelines and address to send your details.

Step 3: We will carry out your chosen health/wellness/food test and return your results to you by email attachment in PDF format within 21 working days.

Food Test Results
The results are based on a bioresonance scanning device manufactured as a medical device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485 , annex V and managed by a fully experienced and qualified bioresonance practitioner and nutritional therapist. Using the most up to date technology available and is fully automatic, we cannot alter or affect the outcome of your results.

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